Paper ephemera spanning centuries, photographs , color stories, and a  unique vision  of his chosen subject matter, all come together in Frank Miller’s masterful collages of art, photography, and inspired collections. They are to the mind’s eye, not unlike a Proustian image, filtering the past and present, and evoking the future.  The layering and detail inherent in his process and final composites give the eye endless delight and opportunity to rest on a hitherto unseen element tucked amongst his works.  Whether it is the heft of hand ragged paper, the tactile sense of the printed image, or the feel of a hand stitched and bound volume, you know that as an owner of his work, a bit of Frank Miller , and his bespoke work will stay with you.

Our Story

Bespoke Books publishes limited edition artistic books. We photograph, design create original artwork and collages for specific subjects.

From personal family interests, to long term building construction timelines, story illustrations, personal travel compositions. Created using original and or found photography and unique artwork. These are printed and bound to your specifications from a variety of selections.